How to Pass AMIE Section A | How to Pass AMIE Easily

Hello friends, as we know that my examinations are nearing. You might be in a great tension as you might have not completed the syllabus. Apart you might be thinking of an assertive plan to practice examinations as successfully as possible. 

How to pass Amie Section A
How to Pass Amie Section A

How to Pass AMIE Section A

Today we are going to talk about How to Pass AMIE Section A and grab maximum marks and left minimum time for the AMIE exam. In situation, where our exams are nearing hands and we suddenly realized that only few days are left and somehow due to our work or other personal reasons. We are not able to complete the required syllabus and then we give ourself next goal saying, I will do it next time and then an another year passes away. 

Now stop saying it no more next time as next time is never going to come. You still have got a potential is called C or D which will still help in getting me through Section A or B. May be you should get lucky this time the best way to overcome this situation is to make some stop perforations to yourself and set this plan which are going to discuss with you and stick to it. Remember you have to work. Now, what should be a comprehensive plan to achieve at least the grade C or D. 

How to Pass AMIE Section A Easily

Remember this is only accepted if it's your last attempt and so that you are clear by the concept of complete in section a and Section B. So now let's focus on AMIE paper. We have three parts in our section A question papers. Part A long answers 40 marks and Part B all long answers 40 marks and Part C all short answers of 20 marks. The most easiest of all where you can straightaway score 20 - Part C. Now you want to know How to Pass AMIE Section A and prepare for Part C. 

Simple as it just get previous years question paper of last ten years which is sufficient for you to achieve this target and everything's starting from today. Until the end of your exams study only for 2.5 hours a day i.e. approximately 2 hours 30 minutes. I assure you at least 70 to 90% of these questions are from the past 10 years are repeated and will be able to score much better by this. You will be assured that we at least know some people buy in and reach your target. 

I would rather recommend you to perform history of Section C before going to sleep as after your tough schedule of the day. You can is this light passed through these 10 to 15 questions, which are more easy to remember and most reliable while scoring marks and always try to solve Part C at the end, not in the studied are as usually end up wasting your time for 20 marks, which is much needed when you have to solve Part A and B, where you have 80 marks to score it. So this might be helpful for you to prepare yourself for the upcoming AMIE Exam.

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