What is a social organization in Sociology and features of social organization in sociology?

Why do we study social organization in sociology? The basis of society is organization. Every society is stable only through mutual cooperation and organization. Cooperation and organization are the hallmarks of an organized society. Organization is a great way to get work done from someone but when the cooperation, collaboration and mutual love in the society ends then the social disintegration starts. This system of society causes many problems. The notions of social organization in sociology and social disintegration go hand in hand because no society can be fully organized and no society can be completely disintegrated.

Meaning and Definitions of Social Organization

Social organization is made up of two words, social and organization. It means the organization of society. An organized society is one whose members have similarities in terms of status and functions. The various members of an organized society function properly and are balanced. Society is considered organized when its various organs function properly. Different scholars have given different definitions of social organization in their own way so that its meaning can be properly understood.

Social Organization Definition Sociology

According to Johnson, "within the social organization come all the processes that build the collective life and preside over the power of reason in the face of this crisis and conflict situation."

According to Lumley, "social organization is a whole, made up of allied and specialized organs."

According to Elliot and Merrill, "social organization is the state or situation in which the various organizations of a society are operating according to their accepted and predetermined objectives".

Thus based on the previous definitions of social organization we can say that social organization in sociology means the establishment of good and correct relations and all functions of social organization in sociology in different parts of the society. Organization means that the various organs work together in the right way.

Characteristics of Social Organization in Sociology

Based on the above definitions of social organization we can briefly mention some of the features of social organization in sociology:

1. All the units work in a social organization.

2. Social organization is neither meaningless nor purposeless.

3. Social organization is a relative concept that is always changing.
4. Social organization is a balanced form of social order.

5. No society is completely disintegrated and organized.

6. The concept of social organization in sociology is an abstract concept that cannot be seen and is used only in comparison of two societies.

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