Explain the concept of occupation.

In measurements on wages and compensations, portrayals of occupations of pay or pay workers depend on field-explicit titles of occupations, posts and assignments, and on the Classification of Occupations of Statistics Finland (Classification of Occupations 2001). The estimated number of the utilized field-explicit word related titles is 15,000.

In regard of the private part the word related titles utilized in insights on wages and pay rates get from the terminology of


and undertakings of the fields secured by the aggregate work understandings of the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK, the classification of assignments of Kirkon työmarkkinalaitos (work showcase association of the Church) and the classification of occupations of Näyttämöväen Vanhuudenturvasäätiö (establishment for benefits security of stage and screen representatives). The titles of occupations and assignments in the nearby government segment depend on the Local Government Pensions Institution's arrangement of occupations. The titles of occupations and undertakings in the focal government part conform to the titles of occupations or errands of letters of arrangement or aggregate work understandings.


in insights on wages and pay rates are arranged basing on these terminologies of word related titles by thinking about the business segment, instructive capability and industry of the compensation and pay worker. Field-explicit titles of occupations or assignments are not distributed in measurements on pay and compensation structures, where just the grouping of occupations is utilized in depicting occupations.

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