​IBPS PO Mains 2015: !Computer Questions! (Asked in Shifts)


​IBPS PO Mains 2015: Computer Questions (Asked in Shifts)

1.Piracy - The unlawful replicating of programming or other inventive works.

2. Peripherals - A connectable gadget that has an

assistant capacity outside the lasting framework

design, for example, plotters, printers and realistic


3. Phishing - A kind of PC extortion that attempts to

trap clients into uncovering their passwords and other

classified data.

4. Pixel - A littlest picture component of a computerized picture.

The littler the pixels, the higher the goals.

5. Port - An electrical association on the PC into

which a link can be stopped with the goal that the PC

can speak with different gadgets, for example, printer

or then again modem.

6. Convention - A lot of tenets and directions that

facilitates the trading of data over the


7. Representation introduction - Positioning paper so that

data is printed over the short element of

the paper.

8. Inquiry - An other pipe type of working framework,

which handles information as messages rather

than bytes.

9. Qwerty - It is one of the standard PC

console, with the character Q, W, E, R, T, Y on the

top line of letters on the console.

10. Reaction time - The time a PC takes to

execute an order.

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