Complete Computer Questions asked in IBPS Clerks V Mains 2015

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Complete Computer Questions asked in IBPS Clerks V Mains 2015

1.RAM retains data after power off – wrong statement

2.Hardware provides network interface – network interface card

3.FAT and NFTS for — Manage and Allocation of memory keep tracking files in Hard Disk

4.Keyboard, printers, Scanners are – Peripheral Devices

5.Worms, trojan horse, virus etc are – Malware

6.Correct order of BIT — BYTE — CHARACTER — FIELD — RECORD — FILE

7.In artificial intelligence which language is Used – PROLOG

8.activities of computer is controlled by – control unit

9.Which OS does not have GUI Interface – DOS

10.Other name of chip – integrated circuits

11.Program in ROM – BIOS

12.Restart – warm booting

14.Not a part of web address – hyperlink

15.Memory highest from given – GB

16.Word file is created by – ms word

17.Not office – ms vista

18.window provides cui – wrong statement

19.not a type of virus – firmware

20.Question fourth generation of computer Chips – microprocessors

21.Process of computer – input process output storage

22.Name of signal sent by system to respond – Interrupt

23.Integrated circuits are made up of – Semiconductors

24.Among 5 options False About RAM – Permanent Storage

25.Sequence of Operation in Booting –> Load BIOS –> Perform POST –> Load OS –> Check Configuration Settings

26.Which is not a Wireless Medium – Ethernet

27.VDX is extension of – Device Drivers

28.File extension for word in ms office 2007 – .docx

29.CDMA Full Form – Code Division Multiple Access

30.VSAT Full Form – Very Small Aperture terminal

31.In Software Development, SRS Stands For – Software Requirement Specifications

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