Complete Computer Questions asked in IBPS Clerks V Mains 2016

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Complete Computer Questions asked in IBPS Clerks V Mains 2016

1.PDF Full Form -- Portable Document Format

2.U2.SB Full Form -- Universal Serial Bus

3.PRO2M -- Programmable Read only Memory

4.HTTPS -- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure

5.Among 5 options Which is OS-- Android

7.Order of Functions of Computer -- Input - Process - Output - Store

8.Temporary Storage of Programs-- RAM

9.Keyboard , printers , Scanners Connected to Computer -- Peripheral Devices

10.Worms , trojan horse , virus is subset of -- Malware

11.Among 5 Options which is an Browser -- Internet Explorer

12.Linux is an -- Open Source Software

13.MS DOS is -- Command Driven Software

14.MS DOS friendly based Spreadsheet Software -- Lotus 1-2-3

15.Process of Removing or Deleting programs -- Uninstalling

16.Process of Sending information to Remote Computer Server -- Uploading

17.Among 5 Options Smallest Memory -- KB

18.The Process of Programs done in-- microprocessors

19.Administrative Explorer present in -- CPU

20.Mouse, Joystick are-- Pointing Devices

21.Among 5 Options Which is Not Storage Device -- Printer

22.CPU follow Except among Options -- Manage Flow of Instructions

23.Which is not Present Using Language among options -- Machine Language

24.Compiler is an -- Translator

25.Recycle bin consists of -- Deleted Files and folders

26.Frequently visited website History -- Cookies

27.Identify the website address through -- URls

28.CPU Speed Measured in -- Megahertz or GHZ

29.Read Once Write Many Times -- CD-RW

30.Txt, .doc are -- File Extensions

31.Illegal copying Software -- Software Piracy

32.Carry out Of Cpu instructions -- Fetching

33.Trail Version of Software -- Beta version of Software

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