IBPS SO (IT Officer) Professional Knowledge Computer Networking Questions Set

ibps questions

Ibps computer networking questions

1. The OSI model consists of a - Seven Layer

2. Packets are related to - Network Layer

3. End to end connectivity is provided from host to host in - Transport Layer

4. Encryption and decryption are functions of the - Presentation Layer

5. In OSI model the Layer Provides an interface between the system and the user - Application Layer

6. In OSI model Repater operates in - Physical Layer

7. In OSI model Bridge operate in - Data link Layer and Physical Layer

8. In OSI model Routers operate in - Network Layer

9. In OSI model Sockets are used in - Transport Layer

10. Two different kind of networks can be connected by using - Gateway

11. A standard for security that is located at the network or packet processing layer of network communications as opposed to the appliincation layer is - IPsec

12. TCP/IP defines two protocols Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User Datagram Protocol (UDP) - Transport Layer

13. The switching methods which provides the greatest frame throughput - Cut-through switching

14. An association to develop advanced Internet technology is - Internet 2

15. The protocol is used in eliminate loops - Spanning Tree Protocol

16. The continuous ability to send and receive data between interconnected networks is - Network Interoperability

17. A communication network which is used by large organization over regional, national and gobal area is called - Wide area network (WAN)

18. Internet like networks within enterprises - Intranets

19. A central computer surrounded by one or more satellite computers is called a - Star network

20. Encryption / decryption provides a netwok with - Privacy

21. To prohibit unauthorized access to your computer via the Internet by using - Firewall

22. The wildcard masks is most useful for matchin all IP packets in subnet, mask is -

​23. One of the oldest and slowest methods an intruder might use to scan a network to determine which of a range of IP addresses map live hosts is - Ping sweep

24. A command used to test a device on a network whether it is reachable - Ping command

25. The name given to the exchange of control signals which is neccessary for establishing a connection between a modem and a computer at one end of line and another modem and computer at the other end - Handshaking

26. The scheme is used for mapping host names and email destinations to IP addresses - DNS

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