!Computer Knowledge Questions for Competitive Exams!

computer knowledge questions

Computer knowledge questions

1. The Process of composing PC directions in a programming dialect is know as - Coding

2. PDF represents - Portable Document Format

3. Small scale processor speed is estimated in - Gigahertz

4. A PC equipment part that associates a PC to PC arrange - Network Interface Card

5. Each segment of your PC is either - Hardware or Software

6. Garbage email is called - Spam

7. Document expansions are utilized with the end goal to distinguish the - File Type

8. The gadgets sends and gets information over phone lines - Modem

9. ISDN represents - Integrated Services Digital Network

10. Confirmation of login name and secret phrase is known as - Authentication

11. A gathering of data that has been given a name and is put away I optional memory is called - File

12. A blunder in a PC programis called - Bug

13. When you turn on the PC the boot routine will perform - Power-on individual test

14. An arrangement of PC programs that runs or controls PC equipment and goes about as an interface with application program and clients - A working framework

15. The arrangement of guidelines which control the succession of tasks are known as - Program

16. A procedure that licenses fast remote transmission of information - Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity)

17. An arrangement of standards and directions that facilitates the trading of data over the system - Protocol

18. Programming that looks assembles and recognizes data from a database dependent on a record watchwords or titles - Search Engine

19. Programming that upsets ordinary PC works or sends a client's close to home information without the client's approval - Malware

20. A bundle of data that movements between a program and the web server - Cookie

21. A machine that connect two systems utilizing distinctive conventions - Gateway

22. VOIP represents - Voice Over Internet Protocol

​23. Ctrl,Shift and Alt are called - Modifier Key

24. When you cut or duplicate data it gets put in the - Clipboard

25. Groups of related programming bundles that are sold together are called - Software Suites

26. A gathering of related fields in information association is called - Record

27. ERP is an abbreviation for - Enterprise Resource Planning

28. A gathering of interrelated documents in a PC is a - Database

29. The PC efficiency instrument that controls information composed in lines and segments is called a(n) - Spreadsheet

30. The Human lucid variant of a program is called - Source Code

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