What is PowerPoint | PPT - Microsoft Office - Amie Exams

Some of the time truncated as PP or PPT, Microsoft PowerPoint is a Microsoft introduction programming program that makes a slide show of critical notes to show amid an introduction. It is generally utilized for business and school introductions. The photo underneath is a case of what Microsoft PowerPoint looks like and a portrayal of every one of the real regions in Pover Point noted in red. 

Powerpoint slides can be plain with just content, or they can incorporate pictures and even activity, including moving content and pictures. Content can be designed similarly as content can be organized in Microsoft Word, including shading, size, and text style compose. It has also has the option to create PowerPoint templates.

While the look and feel of Powerpoint has changed throughout the years, the usefulness has remained generally the equivalent. 

A Microsoft PowerPoint document is spared as a .ppt or .pptx record augmentation.

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