What do you mean by computer aided process planning?

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Computer aided process planning

Computer-aided method designing  (CAPP) involves exploitation engineering for coming up with physical merchandise. It goes in conjunction with things like software (CAD) and computer-aided producing (CAM), however computer-aided method designing focuses on industrial processes.

In computer-aided method designing, specialists cross-check the precise steps of a method of producing. The engineers use general style info to construct method steps and check out to make protocols. Generated processes might involve a such as sequence of operations, specific uses of tools, and the way to route merchandise from one digital computer to a different. These careful and gradual directions type the premise for actual production.

Experts additionally distinguish between specific sorts and stages of CAPP; as an instance, the term “variant CAPP” describes broader steps of the method to form additional versatile designing, whereas “generative CAPP” describes succeeding steps to form protocols and plans that area unit additional rigid and confirm processes in an exceedingly additional careful method.


Often-cited advantages of CAPP embrace general potency in producing, higher use of raw materials, improved production planning, fewer calculation errors and labor saving.

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