What is Shaping and Planing?

Shaping Machine:

The work is control stationary and the tool on the ram is affected back and forth across the work.

Used for shaping a lot of smaller jobs.

it's a light-weight machine.

will use light-weight cuts and finer feed.

Uses one cutting implement at a time.

Driven mistreatment quick- come back link mechanism.

it's less rigid and fewer strong.

Planing Machine:

The tool is stationary and therefore the piece of work on the table travels back and forth underneath the tool.

Meant for a lot of larger jobs. Jobs as giant as vi meter wide and doubly as long are often machined.

it's an important duty machine.

will use heavier cuts and coarse feed.

many tools will cut at the same time.

The drive on the plane table is either by gears or by hydraulic means that.

higher rigidity that provide additional accuracy on machined surfaces.

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