Define URL in brief.

 A uniform resource locator (URL) is that the address of a resource on the web. A uniform resource locator indicates the placement of a resource moreover because the protocol accustomed access it. 
A uniform resource locator contains the subsequent information: 
The protocol accustomed a access the resource. The the placement of the server (whether by IP address or domain name). The port range on the server (optional). The location of the resource within the directory structure of the server. 
A fragment symbol (optional). 
Also called a Universal Resource locater(URL) or internet address. A uniform resource locator could be a kind of uniform resource symbol (URI). In common apply, the term URI is not used, or is employed synonymously with uniform resource locator, although this can be technically incorrect. 
Tim Berners-Lee and also the net Engineering Task Force working party is attributable with developing the uniform resource locator in 1994. it's formally laid out in RFC 1738. 
All URLs square measure bestowed within the following order: 
Scheme name
Colon and 2 slashes
Location of the server. 
The port (optional) and also the location of the resource on the server. 
Fragment symbol (optional) 
So, the format can seem like this:
This appearance additional advanced that it's. the foremost common schemes (protocols) square measure hypertext transfer protocol and HTTPS, that any WWW user can acknowledge. the placement of the server is mostly a website name. Given this, the subsequent URLs square measure far more straightforward to understand:
Both these URLs indicate that there's a file named default.htm on a server with the address of "". One uses regular hypertext transfer protocol, whereas the opposite uses a secure version of this theme
Two common components of confusion regarding URLs: 
The "www" isn't truly a part of the technical protocol. internet sites simply started victimization this to point the user is victimization the planet Wide Web. this can be why if you head to, it redirects to
Most users access the web via an internet browser, that inserts port eighty on hypertext transfer protocol connections behind the scenes. this can be why if you head to, you'll see an equivalent web site as if there have been no port range.
Finally, the subsequent uniform resource locator demonstrates a fraction symbol, additional usually called a query-string:
This is speech communication that to use the hypertext transfer protocol to send missive of invitation to the web site at (over port 80) and to invite "some-page" and send out the search variable "hello". this can be why you may generally see an especially long uniform resource locator as several variables square measure being sent to the online server in additional interactive internet applications.

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