What is carbon copy or CC?

In e-mail, a copy (abbreviated "cc," associategenerally "fcc" for "first carbon copy") could be a copy of a note sent to an receiver apart from the most receiver. A blind copy could be a copy sent to associate receiver that's not visible to the most and copy addressees. As an exampleyou'll have a piece colleague that acts as a back-up once you are on vacation or not at work. You do not essentially need the folks you correspond with to understand that you simply have a back-up. So, to stay your back-up privyyou mostly send the back-up a blind copy. The actual fact that a blind copy was sent isn't apparent to the most and copy recipients.

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  1. see... back in the "olden days" before computers and printers.. .we had carbon paper we put in between two pieces of paper... we would type (on a typewriter) and that carbon paper would transfer a copy of what you were typing on the front page.. to the back one...

    hence the term.... CARBON COPY.... now... do you all know what that little icon that means "save" is?? ... have you ever heard of a floppy disc?