What is the basic stucture of computers?

Some terms are ordinarily usedthe foremost basic of those is that the laptop itself, that is that the box containing all the most parts. All peripherals are connected to the pcthe pc isn't the electronic equipment, hard drive, or CPU. These 3 terms represent individual parts that are a part of the pc. They, along side alternative terms, outlined here.

Casethe cupboard that holds the most parts of a laptop.

Power supply: A box-shaped device that converts wall-outlet AC power to low-tension DC wont to power the devices within the laptop.

Motherboard (system board, main board, desktop board)the big printed-circuit board to that all alternative components are connected.Expansion slots: Slot connectors on the motherboard for attaching varied parts. Motherboards usually have many enlargement slots.

Central process unit (CPU, or processor): The chip that performs all of the calculations necessary for the pc to try to to its job.

Random access memory (memory, or RAM): Chip assemblies that store knowledge for terribly fast recall. the most memory in an exceedingly laptop needs constant power to be ready to hold knowledgeeach task performed by a laptop needs the program and knowledge to be loaded into memory.

Hard drive (hard drive, HDD): a tool that stores knowledge on for good boxed-in magnetic disks. The overwhelming majority of computers have a minimum of one drive. knowledge hold on on a tough drive remains once the ability is disconnected. The package (OS) (such as Windows), along side programs and knowledge, are nearly always hold on on a tough drive.

Basic Input Output System (BIOS): A program that works as presently because the laptop is steam-powered on to check hardware, find the OS startup files on the drive so as to begin the OS, and support the transfer of information among hardware devices. The BIOS is sometimes hold on on a Complementary Metal chemical compound Semiconductor (CMOS) nonvolatile storage chip. nonvolatile storage is dearmemory that holds its knowledge indefinitely once the ability has been disconnected, however the information are often modified.

Optical drivesas well as read-only storage, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, and varied writable optical disc drives, optical drives are devices that scan, or scan and write knowledge from or onto discs mistreatment optical device beams.

Floppy disk drives (floppy drives, FDD, floppy drives): Devices that store knowledge on removable magnetic disks. just about all floppy drives oversubscribed since the mid-1990s are of the three.5" variety. These floppy disks ar boxed-in in an exceedingly skinny, hard, plastic shell. due to this, they're generally confused with exhausting drives. However, due to their restricted capability, their status to knowledge loss, and alternative reasons, floppy disks became abundant less helpful in recent years. However, as you may see in succeeding tutorials, floppy disks are often indispensable sure enough repairs.

Ports: Connectors, sometimes on the rear of the pc, to that peripheral devices are often connected.Modem: a tool that permits the pc to access a phone line for the aim of faxing, web access, knowledge transfer between computers, or alternative telephone-related uses. Internal modems plug into enlargements lots, whereas associate external electronic equipment connects to a port on the pc.

Monitor (display)a tool resembling a tv that displays the computer's video pictures.

Sound card (multimedia device)a tool whose primary perform is to permit a laptop to play and record sound. A sound card will either be a separate card that plugs into associate slot, or a element designed into the motherboard.

Video card (video adapter, graphics adapter, show adapter)a tool whose primary perform is to get a video signal ("picture") to be shown on the monitor. A video card will either be a separate card that plugs into a slot on the motherboard, or a tool designed into the motherboard.

Network card (network adapter, network interface card, NIC): a tool that connects the pc to the network. A network may be a cluster of computers connected along in order that they will communicate with one another.

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