What is OCR (Optical Character Reader)?

Often abbreviated OCR, optical character recognition refers to the branch of computing that involves reading text from paper and translating the pictures into a type that the pc will manipulate (for example, into computer code codes). An OCR system permits you to require a book or a article, feed it directly into an computing machine file, so edit the file employing a application program.
All OCR systems embrace an optical scanner for reading text, and complex software package for analyzing pictures. Most OCR systems use a mixture of hardware (specialized circuit boards) and software package to acknowledge characters, though some cheap systems roll in the hay entirely through software package. Advanced OCR systems will browse text in massive form of fonts, however they still have problem with written text.

The potential of OCR systems is big as a result of they permit users to harness the facility of computers to access written documents. OCR is already being employed wide within the community, wherever searches that when needed hours or days will currently be accomplished during a few seconds.

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