What is computer virus?

A computer virus is a malicious software package program loaded onto a user’s laptop while not the user’s information and performs malicious actions. The term 'computer virus' was initial formally outlined by Fred Cohen in 1983. laptop viruses ne'eroccur naturally. They're continually elicited by individuals. Once created and free, however, their diffusion isn't directly below human management. Oncecoming into a laptopa scourge attaches itself to a different program in such how that execution of the host program triggers the action of the virus at the same time. It will self-replicate, inserting itself onto alternative programs or files, infecting them within the method. Not all laptop viruses ardamaging tho'. However, most of them perform actions that are malicious in nature, like destroying knowledge. Some viruses play mayhem as before long as their code is deadwhereas others lie dormant till a selected event (as programmed) gets initiated, that causes their code to run within the laptop. Viruses unfold once the software package or documents they get connected to are transferred from one laptop to a different employing a network, a disk, file sharing ways, or through infected e-mail attachments. Some viruses use completely different hiding ways to avoid their detection from anti-virus software package. For instance, some will infect files while not increasing their sizes, whereas others try and evade detection by killing the tasks related tothe antivirus software package before they will be detected. Some recentviruses confirm that the "last modified" date of a bunch file stays identical once they infect the file.

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  1. Why virus has been created ? What is the use for virus creators ?