What is Windows. Explain in detail?


Windows is a assortment of programs called an operating system (OS) that controls a computer (personal computer). Initial made by Microsoft in Gregorian calendar month 1985, it's been oftentimes updated since, as computer storage has larger, as process chips have gotten quicker and, of course, once the web was fancied. Before Windows, PCs were operated by a series of text commands.

Windows' key edges and options:

    Permits the user to move with the pc (through the keyboard, mouse, microphone, etc.).

        Controls the storage of knowledge (images, files, music).

            Controls hardware connected to the pc like webcams, scanners and printers.

                Helps to open and shut programs (word processors, games, ikon editors, etc.), and provides them a part of the computer’s memory to permit them to figure.

                    Controls what access to a pc totally different users have and therefore the computer's security.

                        Deals with errors and user directions, and problems straightforward error messages.

                            Promotes multitasking by permitting the user to try to many things on the pc promptlyfor instance, watch a video whereas writing a letter.

                              Other operative systems are obtainable, notably the Apple OS X utilized in macintosh computers. Additionally, with the redoubled use of smartphones, notepads and tablets, there are systems aimed directly at mobile devices. However, the general public who learn to use computers do therefore on a system running Windows.

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