What are the Major Stages of Engineering Design?

The engineering design method may be a series of steps that engineers follow to come back up with an answer to a tangle. Again and again the answer involves planning a product (like a machine or PC code) that meets sure criteria and/or accomplishes a precise task.
This method is totally different from the Steps of the methodology, that you'll be a lot of acquainted with. If your project involves creating observations and doing experiments, you must in all probability follow the methodology. If your project involves planning, building, and testing one thing, you must in all probability follow the Engineering design method. If you continue to aren't positive that method to follow, you must scan comparison the Engineering design method and therefore the methodology.
The steps of the engineering design method square measure to: 1. Outline the matter
2. Do Background analysis
3. Specify needs
4. Brainstorm Solutions

5. Opt for the most effective answer
6. Do Development Work
7. Build a paradigm

8. Take a look at and plan
Engineers don't continually follow the engineering design method steps so as, one once another. It's quite common to style one thing, test it, realize a tangle, so return to associate earlier step to form a modification or amendment to your style. This manner of operating is named iteration, and it's probably that your method can do the same!

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