What do you understand by client server system?

A client server system is a computing system that is composed of two logical parts, a server which provides services and a client, which request services from server. The two parts can run on separate machines on a network allowing users to access powerful server resources. For example, in a network databases, software's etc. is stored in a large server. There may be many computers connected in the network. The application programs in client computers will contain client components. For example in a DBMS system, the application programs on a client machine contain SQL data manipulation commands. The portion of the DBMS residing on the client sends these commands to the server across the communications channel that connects the server to the client. At the server, the server portion of the DBMS interprets and executes the SQL command and then sends the results back to the client across the communication channel. If we want to retrieve data by using a client server system only the data that is required travels across communication channel from server to client. This saves network bandwidth. Other advantages are;
1. Reduction of responsibilities and cost overhead. Data is more secure in one place than in multiple places without proper security. Overhead of maintaining data at multiple places can be reduced.
2. Enables distribution of processing from centralized to desktop computing.
3. There are greater possibilities for expansion by adding hardware to existing networks without replacing existing hardware.

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