An Operating System Is often defined as a resource manager. Explain which resources of a computer it manages and how it manages.

Operating system can be considered as a resource manager. It is software that manages the resources available in a computer system. Operating system can be considered as collection of program modules. Each module has a distinct function, and it accomplish fully or partially the task of managing some computer resources. There are four major resources. Various resources and software that accomplish the task of managing the resource are given below:

Memory management module partition memory into pages and implement concepts like virtual memory, cache memory etc.

Scheduler decides which process is to be scheduled for execution and for how much time in a time sharing system.

Some devices are inherently non-sharable. Operating systems manage these types of devices using a technique called spooling.

One of the most important tasks of an operating system is the effective management of information. The modules of the operating system dealing with the management of information are called the file system. The purpose of file system is to free the programmer from the problems related to the allocation of space for his information, as well as to free from other physical problems such as storage format and I/O accessing. Information is stored files and they are organized in the form of a tree structure where each root/sub root in tree is a special file called directory. They contain information about other files.

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