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Explain the working of a Hard disk?
How does CPU execute program instructions?
Discuss briefly the role of secondary storage?
Explain the difference between primary and secondary computer memory?
Explain the purpose of following DOS commands: C:  DIR  MD  CD  COPY  DEL
Explain the stages of compilation for a C Compiler?
What do you mean by Office Automation?
What is an algorithm and flow-chart?
What is a file system and an i-node?
List six major steps that one can take in setting up a database for a particular enterprise?
Explain the difference between the logical and physical data independence?
List four significant differences between a file processing system and a DBMS.
What are linkers and loaders?
What is an Interrupt in computer system?
Explain the important aspects in which the Windows operating system enhances the MS-DOS operating system.
What is time-shared operating system and briefly explain it.
An Operating System Is often defined as a resource manager. Explain which resources of a computer it manages and how it manages.
How does TCP ensure reliable transfer of packets?
What are the functions of TCP and IP?