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The primary memory of every computer is essentially magnetic memory?
L1 cache is a split memory to speed up execution?
Modem as well as Ethernet Card are essential to provide Data One Broadband Connection?
C++ compiler cannot handle scanf and printf commands as available in C?
Internet refers to a network of computer connected through optical fibres and other form of wired cables?
TCP/IP can be run only when Ethernet is available as the data link protocol?
An assembler for Pentium is mandatory to support C++ execution in a Pentium based PC ?
C++ is completely portable language?
Microsoft windows 2000 is a single user operating system.
Pentium is a 64 bit machine since it has got 64 bit Data Bus?
What are the different forms of secondary storage media employed in modern day computer systems?
What is Physical Layer?
What is Data Link Layer?
What is Network Layer?
What is Transport Layer?
What is Application Layer?
What is the structure of a typical UNIX file system?
How does a Floppy Disk work?
What is a file? What are the features of file management?