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Flash memory is a writable non-volatile memory?
A-23 is a valid C++ constant?
If is a valid C++ identifier?
TCP/IP is actually two protocols rolled into one?
When one needs to connect all the computers in one building, then it is preferable to use a LAN?
Operating System acts as a resource manager for any computer system?
A C++ compiler actually translates a C++ source code into the equivalent machine code of the target CPU?
C is a procedural programming language?
Unix is a multiuser operating system?
Pentium is a 32 bit machine because it has got a 32 bit Address Bar.
What is Virtual Memory? What are the necessary layers of memory hierarchy that helps to create the virtual memory?
What are different passes of a compiler?
What is Formatting?
What is Windows 2000?
What is Tally 7.2?
What is Cache Memory?
What is NOR?
What is Function Subprogram?
What is FTP?
What is Desktop Printer?
What is CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)?
What is Cross Talk?
What is Cross Compiler?
What is Short Integer?
What is Attach?
What is ATM?
What is FAQ?
What is the Full Form of FORTRAN ?
What is Accumulator Register ?
What is Relational Algebra ?
What is a Simple Data Type ?
What is Access Time of a Disk ?
What is Mesh Topology ?