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List two disadvantges of a database system as compared to a file-based system.
List the basic difference between DOS and UNIX.
What is ARP ? How it differ from IP?
Is a two dimensional array passed as a value or reference argument to a function ?
What is a foreign key in an RDBMS?
Mention two advantages of a DBMS over a file storage of data.
What is the full form of SMTP?
What are the typical sizes of the main memory and hard disk of a modern desktop computer ?
Name two application layer protocols.
Between the iterative routine sum-iter and recursive routine sum-rec, which is more efficient and why?
A Relational operator ?
A static variable is one ?
DOS identifies the way a disk has been formatted by ?
How is XCOPY a better command than COPY ?
Distinguish berween break and continue statements in C.
What is the difference between process and processor ?
Distinguish between the block variable and the local variable?
What is Bitwise Operator?