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What is User Agent?
What is Recursive Function ?
What is Constructor ?
What is the output of the following C++ statement? Cout<<fixed<<left<<set precision. (1) <<setw(15)<<333.546372
Two PCs are located in adjacent rooms and a third PC is in a building 300 yards away. Explain how you could connect three PCs to create a single network.
What does MIME stands for and where it is used ?
Explain the following statement of C: int (*x) [20]
Show that a+(a.b)=a
What information does a superblock of a file system contain ?
List two disadvantges of a database system as compared to a file-based system.
List the basic difference between DOS and UNIX.
What is ARP ? How it differ from IP?
Is a two dimensional array passed as a value or reference argument to a function ?
What is a foreign key in an RDBMS?
Mention two advantages of a DBMS over a file storage of data.
What is the full form of SMTP?
What are the typical sizes of the main memory and hard disk of a modern desktop computer ?
Name two application layer protocols.
Between the iterative routine sum-iter and recursive routine sum-rec, which is more efficient and why?
A Relational operator ?
A static variable is one ?
DOS identifies the way a disk has been formatted by ?
How is XCOPY a better command than COPY ?
Distinguish berween break and continue statements in C.
What is the difference between process and processor ?
Distinguish between the block variable and the local variable?
What is Bitwise Operator?
What is Program Counter?  What information does it store?
List the desirable features of an algorithm?
What is a Router?
What is Bridge?
What is a key word and what are the restrictions of using them?
Distinguish between the data and information?
What is Telnet?
How does a 'while' control structure differ from 'do while ' structure?
What is memory management?  Why is it essential in a multi -user environment?
What is EPROM?  How is it different from PROM?
Why are NAND and NOR gates called universal gates?
What is ternary operator?  Is any such operator available in C language?  If yes, explain with an example?
The scope of a variable refers to the?
What is the binary representation of 0.125?
What are the typical capacities of (I) main memory and (ii) hard disk of a modern PC?
The type of members of a class are by default?
The mechanism of defining the same method with multiple types of parameters is known as?
What are the important ways in which windows operating system is different from DOS?
What is BIOS in DOS?
What is Copy Sales *.Data?