What is Object Program?

Object Program Definition

Object Programs are programs in machine language form. Normally users write computer program using high level languages or assembly languages. If program is written in high level language, then it is to get converted to machine executable form using a Compiler. If program is prepared in assembly language, it is usually to be converted to machine executable form using an assembler. Output of compiler or even assemblers are called object program. They can be directly accomplished by machine.

Object Program in C++

Object-oriented programming – because the name suggests uses objects in programming. Object-oriented programming aims to implement real-world entities like inheritance, hiding, polymorphism, etc in programming. the most aim of OOP is to bind together the info and therefore the functions that operate them in order that no other a part of the code can access this data except that function.

The building block of C++ that results in Object-Oriented programming may be a Class. it's a user-defined data type, which holds its own data members and member functions, which may be accessed and employed by creating an instance of that class. a category is sort of a blueprint for an object.

For Example: Consider the category of Cars. There could also be many cars with different names and brand but all of them will share some common properties like all of them will have 4 wheels, regulation , Mileage range etc. So here, Car is that the class and wheels, speed limits, mileage are their properties.

A Class may be a user-defined data-type which has data members and member functions.

Data members are the info variables and member functions are the functions wont to manipulate these variables and together these data members and member functions define the properties and behavior of the objects during a Class.

In the above example of sophistication Car, the info member are going to be regulation , mileage etc and member functions can apply brakes, increase speed etc.

We can say that a category in C++ may be a blue-print representing a gaggle of objects which shares some common properties and behaviours.

Object Program in Java

It is a basic unit of Object Oriented Programming and represents the important life entities. A typical Java program creates many objects, which as you recognize , interact by invoking methods. An object consists of :

State : it's represented by attributes of an object. It also reflects the properties of an object.

 it's represented by methods of an object. It also reflects the response of an object with other objects.

Identity : It gives a singular name to an object and enables one object to interact with other objects.

Example of an object : dog

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