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What do you know about DIR/S command ?
What do you know about DIR command?
What is Project Management?
What is fast speed in modern computers?
What is High Reliability in modern computers?
What are small size modern computers?
What is Multitasking OS?
What is Time Sharing OS?
What is Compact Disk?
What is Magnetic Tape?
What is Hard Disk?
What is Floppy Disk?
What is a Program?
What is Shell?
What is Kernel?
What are Device Files?
What are Directory Files?
What are Ordinary Files?
What is Interpreter?
What is BIOS?
What is Object Program?
What is Message Transfer Agent?
What is Mail Box?
What is e-mail?
What is Message?
What is ISP?
What is Entity?
What is meant by the Term System? What are the characteristics and categories of information system?
What is Function Overriding?
What is Function Overloading?
What is Abstraction?
What is Encapsulation?
What is meant by a protocol in computer communication?
How is Assembly Language different from Machine Language ?
How is an interpreter different from a compiler?
The following statement opens a file named "myfile" for writing FILE, fptr;fptr=fopen ("myfile", "w");How will you check that the file has been successfully opened?
Which of the following are not C++ keywords? Public, switch, double, cin, for, object, static.
The following code is illegal: why?Int k=20;float * [k];
What is a Database? Describe the advantages of a centralized database over separate files for specific applications.
What is Transaction Processing in industry ? Describe the role of computer network in keeping track of transaction.
What are Control Lines?
What are Data Lines?
Role of Address lines in the architecture of the RAM of a computer?
What is a Line Printer? How can it vary from a Dot Matrix printer?
What is Optical Mark Reader (OMR) ?
What is Magnetic Ink Character Reader (MICR) ?
What is data hiding in a program?
What are the basic characteristics of a uniprocessor based, multitasking operating system ?
What is Star Topology ?
What is Ring Topology ?
What is Bus Topology ?
Write a single C++ statement that subtracts the sum of x and y from z and then incrementing.