What is Client Server Technology? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Discuss them briefly.

Client server technology

Client server technology

Client Server model consist of a set of clients and a set of servers. Servers are a group of cooperating processes that offer services to users. Users are called Clients. Client and server machines are connected in a computer network. The client sends a request and gets an answer from the server.

Client request contain request for some service (like reading a file etc) The server does the work and returns the data requested or an error code indicating why the work could not be performed. No connection has to be established before use or torn down afterwards the reply message serves as the acknowledgement to the request.

Prime advantage of Client Server Model is its simplicity. It is simple because no connection establishment and disconnection is required. Client sends request and gets its reply.

Another advantage is efficiency. The protocol stack used to implement Client Server Model is simple.

Client Server model allows resource sharing between different users.

Another advantage is high reliability. By having alternate sources of supply of data reliability improves. If one server is down another server may be able to service the request. More and more clients can be easily added in a network. It also provide communication medium for widely separated people.

Disadvantages of Client Server Model are:-

1. Operating system that implements the Client Server model is complicated and costly.

2. It is network dependent. Fault in network, network saturation etc. can affect the performance of system.

3. Security: Easy access to data which can be measured.

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