'Technology adaptation depends upon a number of factors.' Comment.

Factors needing attention of Technology Adaptation:

(a) The technology selected for transfer should be appropriate and the purpose for which it is intended to be transferred.

(b) Status of development is another important issue with regard to transfer of technology.

(c) The technology selected for use should not be so much expensive. It should be competitive otherwise it will not be commercially accepted.

(d) The technology to be transferred should be provided with the backup services. The user of technology should be provided with the services like planning, selection of equipment, layout of the factory, erection, commissioning and trouble shooting during operation.

(e) Evaluation of technology is important before it is transferred from lab to field or industry. This evaluation has to be done to find out whether the claims made are justified by actual facts. If they are not then that very technology should be dropped.

(f) Transferring agency may be like NRDC is essential because technology transfer is not only a matter of technology but also a matter of commerce and law.

(g) Provision of guarantees with regard to performance of the technology on commercial-scale is equally important.

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