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What do you mean by ‘Biosphere Cycle’?
What do you understand by the term 'Global Warming'?
What factors contribute to ecological imbalance?
What do you mean by 'Scientific Management'?
'Technology adaptation depends upon a number of factors.' Comment.
What is multiplexing? Distinguish between frequency division and time division multiplexing.
What is Modem? Describe its role in Data Communication.
What are different types of file organisations used in contemporary file systems in modern-day operating system? Explain with examples.
What is meant by memory hierarchy? Is it possible to have a computer system without any secondary storage? Explain your answer.
What is meant by Strategic Information System? Explain briefly where such a system is used and the important components of such a system.
What are the function of an Operating System? Differentiate between multiprogramming, multiprocessing. Which OS are single user and multiusers? Give example of each.
Differentiate between Compilers, assembler and translator. Explain their working and the situations where each is useful.
What is Client Server Technology? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Discuss them briefly.