What are the various types of resource management modules (if any) that area present in any operating system? Specify their functionality in brief.

There are four major resources that are controlled by the operating system are:-

(a) Memory
(b) Processors
(c) Devices
(d) Information

Memory management module organizes the memory allocation and effective utilization of memory. It involves paging mechanism, segmentation etc.

Processor management involves effective utilization of processor like multi-programming. Processor management module keep track of status of each process and select the processes from a ready list to be run. It suspend running process when it runs out of allotted time. It also co-ordinate inter process communication. The component of the operating system that perform these tasks is called traffic controller.

Device management modules helps to use the devices in most efficient manner. Devices can be dedicated or shared access type. Certain devices like printer, magnetic tapes can be used one at a time manner. They can be allocated in dedicated manner or by Spooling, I/O management modules decide this. Magnetic drum disks etc. can be concurrently used by more than one job. In such cases if two or more jobs wish to access the same device simultaneously. Operating system must act as I/O traffic controller.

Modules of operating system dealing with management of information are often called the file system. It is concerned with the logical organisation of information. The file system deals with collections of unstructured and uninterpreted information at the operating systems level.

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