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What are the major forms of Stratification System?
Differentiate between Folk ways and Mores.
What are the recent changes in the Caste System?
Definition of variable in C programming language:
Explain the reason for cracking of brass
How is martensite formed in steel?
How do you determine the temperature for hot working of a metal?
Give two applications of nano materials?
What is array and why array in c?
what is System Concept?
Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVS)
Explain the meaning of 'Work'. 'Work' is a central focus in 'Society'. Comment.
What is Design for Recyclability?
Difference between 'Science' and 'Technology'
How many independant slip systems are required for plastic deformation in polycrystalline materials ?
What is Planning? How it can be made more effective?
The processes of production and consumption takes places in a Social Change.
What is Spooling ?
State the crystal structures of Cementite and martensite.
What are the key features of a LAN ?
Write the scientific names of PET and Melamine.
Name two soft magnetic materials.
Specify the key differences between an impact printer and a non-impact printer OR a graphics printer and a character printer with relevant examples.
Distinguish between Information System and a File System.
Specify the various processing steps that are needed in exact sequence when any existing high level source program lika a C program file stored on Disc is to be executed on a PC. Clearly mention the various system Software modulus clearly high lighting their roles.
What are the distinctive features of a Relational Data Base? Specify with some examples.
What are the various types of resource management modules (if any) that area present in any operating system? Specify their functionality in brief.