What is the Role of Brain storming in design idea generation.

Brain storming is defined as a method to practice a conference technique by which a group attempts to find different concepts for a specific need by gathering or collecting all the ideas spontaneously contributed by its members.

In this stage brainstorming is important, however, we cannot use brainstorming without going through the process. The basic concept of brainstorming is to generate a large quantity of ideas. The more the ideas, higher the probability of the desired product.

The following are the members of the brainstorming session:

1. Designers
2. Engineers
3. Executives
4. Marketing experts
5. Psychology experts etc

Participants must be involved and achieve results in the session. The topics of brainstorming session is given to the members before the session starts and the duration of the session is upto an hour because the energy level needed for such session is high. A set of rules are developed for any brainstorming session.

1. No critism of ideas during the session. One way to prevent the critism is to disallow discussion during the session, present the ideas in brief and in short format. One of the participants in the group will need to collect all ideas or use a sticker for each idea.

2. Wild, silly and crazy ideas are welcome. Such ideas may help others to generate solid ideas or help for fun and humorous environment.

3. Generate as many ideas as possible. One way to do so is to appoint a facilitator who will keep rotating the turns without allowing break time. Keep the competition spirit alive. Some people produce more ideas when competing with others in a group.

4. Adding to or improving presented ideas are welcomed.

Techniques in use for brainstorming are:
1. Creative techniques
2. Osborn's Brain storming technique
3. Phillips 66 Buzz session technique
4. Crawford slip writing technique

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