What do you mean by Social Mobility? What are the different types of Mobility?

Change from one status to another is called Social Mobility. Social Stratification is also the result of Social Mobility. Any change in the value-scale or any change in the characteristic results in a change in the status of different classes. Thus different occupations are held in different degrees of esteem in different societies. The members of priestly class enforced high rank at one time than that of a doctor and engineer in India. But today it is not like that. A doctor or engineer has more prestige and esteem. Thus it is experienced that people continue to move up and down in the status scale. This movement is called Social Mobility and should not be confused with migration which is called movement in geographical space. Social Mobility can take one of these forms. A change involving in an individual's life time turn one's status to another as plumber to that of carpenter is called horizontal mobility. Vertical Mobility can be either upward or downward.

What are the major forms of Stratification System?

Discuss the impact of technological and cultural factors on Social Change

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