Discuss the criteria for the assessment of appropriate technology.

Appropriate Technology: Be-fitting technology is called appropriate technology. Who do not want appropriate technology to feed the rapidly growing population. After all application of technology shall ensure optimum use of natural resources which may remain UN-utilized or underutilized in the absence of the same. No doubt in the past quarter of a century the developing countries like India have made progress in terms of increasing per capita income of their rapidly growing population. Of course progress has also been made in the fields of health, education and infrastructure (electricity, water, transportation and communication) but despite this growth record, poverty has not been lessened appreciably. Levels of unemployment and income inequality and increasing. According to the World Bank almost half of the total population of the developing world live in absolute poverty. Such people are denied basic components of average living, adequate clothing and housing and access to basic services such as clean water, energy, schools and health facilities which are taken for granted by most people in developed countries.

Appropriate technology means method of doing a given job or work in a benefiting manner and style as per the liking of users. We can say that an appropriate technology is one which is best suited to the environment in which it is most suitable. The idea of appropriate technology was first welcomed and received by third world countries. The third world countries are underdeveloped developing countries. India and host of many other countries are called third world countries. The concept of appropriate technology appeared first in the mind of great thinker Schumpeter and we can find its reference in his famous work 'Small is Beautiful'. 

'Technology adoptation depends upon a number of factors.'

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