Difference between Ink-Jet and Laser Printers with reference to their working.

Ink Jet Printers spray cyan, magenta, yellow and sometimes black ink onto a paper. Ink Jet are mounted on a head in a printer like mechanism. The print head moves across the page to draw one scan line, return while paper advances by one interscan line spacing and then draws next scan line. All colours are deposited simultaneously.

Laser Printers scan a laser beam across a positively charged rotating drum coated with selenium. The areas hit by the laser beam lose their charge and the positive charge remains only where the copy is to be black. A negatively charged powdered toner adheres to the positive areas of the drum and is then transferred to blank paper to form the copy. In Colour Printers this process is repeated three times once for each primary colour.

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  1. Ink jet and laser printers both are different printers and they both worked differently. Result of printing is also different by both printers.

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