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What are the key characteristics of a Network Protocol? Why Protocol are needed?
What is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)? Explain its salient features.
What is meant by Information Systems? How are they different from a File System?
Difference between Ink-Jet and Laser Printers with reference to their working.
Distinguish between a text file and a binary file.
What is DBMS? What are different types of DBMS? Compare these different types of DBMS?
Calculate the degree of freedom for eutectic reaction for an iron-carbon alloy and an iron-chromium-nickel alloy, under 1 atmosphere.
Brass has a peritectic reaction at a temperature of 903 degree C, with 36.8% Zn (beta phase) in the middle and 32.5% Zn at alpha phase end and 37.5% Zn at liquidus end. Find out the percentages of liquid phase and alpha phase present at the peritectic point.
Write down the Slip Plane and Slip Direction (one plane and one direction only) of Nickel (only Miller indices). How many slip systems are there in Nickel ?
Atomic radii of two metal atoms are 0.128 nm and 0.133 nm respectively. Find out whether they form an solid solution and if they form, state what type of solid solution it is.
The final thickness of a hard copper sheet is 1.0 mm. It was produced by cold working with 25% deforestation. What was the starting thickness of the metal before the cold working ? To decrease the hardness what will you do ?
Differentiate Between Culture and Civilization.
What is the Role of Brain storming in design idea generation.
Explain Robust Design.
What do you mean by Social Mobility? What are the different types of Mobility?
Differentiate between standardization and specification giving appropriate examples. How are 'preferred numbers' useful in standardization? Explain with the help of a suitable example.
Discuss the criteria for the assessment of appropriate technology.