Is Sociology a Science? Discuss.

There is great controversy about the nature of sociology as a science. Some critics deny sociology to be claimed as science while other argues that it is science. Before explaining whether 'sociology' is science or not, it would be proper to know the meaning of science. Science is a systematized body of knowledge concerning cause and effect of a particular phenomenon. Science refers to logical and systematic methods of which knowledge of the universe is obtained and to the actual body of knowledge produced by these methods. The sciences are conventionally divided into two parts - natural sciences and social sciences. Natural science deals with the physical and biological phenomenon and the social science studies various aspects of human behavior. There are important differences between the two. Sociology is a social science. Now the question arises what constitute natural science and if at all sociology should be called natural science then what those grounds are? To support sociology is a science we give following points:

(1) A sociology is bound to be methodological and systematic in his approach. His question need to be clear, precise. The questions are to be specific and not ambiguous (vague or full of doubts.)

(2) Data which sociologist collect are best suited for future predictions.

(3) Data collected by sociologist are based on observations and they are classified in latter stages of research.

(4) Carefully concluded results of a sociologist have universal application. These results can be tested under all circumstances and at all times.

(5) Relationship between cause and effect is fully and well recognized in the study of sociology. The only difference is that sociologist concepts cannot be tested in the laboratory as done in case of physical sciences because they deal with human behavior which changes from time to time.

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