Discuss the impact of technological and cultural factors on Social Change.

(i) Geographical mobility in an industrial society is very important for job promotion. The workers must go to those places where they expect promotion. Rapid industrialization uproot the members of the family and separate them from the strong tie of kinship. This weakens the hold of family and bring about structural change drastically.

(ii) An industrial society offer a number of economic opportunities with better prospects of social mobility. Socially mobile people gain many experiences concerned with education, interests and tastes of which they remain deprived of while extended in conventional ridden family. With the result, the bonds of common interest between the relatives in the extended family are lessened or even shattered.

(iii) In big towns and cities, people turn to agencies than the family in order to meet their many needs. Non-kin organizations such as schools, hospitals and recreation as well as welfare centers assume many functions including child-care and socialization performed by family. With the result, the very bonds which kept the extended family together in one circuit begin to dissolve. People began to seek new foundation of married life having thick companionship with single spouse and children being looked as individuals rather than productive units.

(iv) Industrialization ensures better socioeconomic status which was recognized by birth and the importance of kinship in a traditional extended family. Individual's goals have become important than kinship obligations. Personal freedom in matters of mating and place of residence has further brought sufficient changes in the family.

(v) Children in a modern society are being looked at as economic liability than economic asset. The parents receive no economic gain from the vast expenditure they incur in feeding and educating their children. As soon as the young one are able to earn, they leave home and start forming separate families. People prefer and find it convenient to live away in a isolated places as an independent units.

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