During writing a technical report, what points should be kept in mind for easy communication?

To communicate effectively you would like to induce your purpose across and relay info clearly. The reader can perceive precisely what you mean. Following are some tips for effective writing and a few common errors.
How to create Your Writing Communicate

Effective writing permits the reader to completely perceive everything you're oral communication. This can be not continuously simple to try to to. Here are a couple of tips which will facilitate you:

Grasp your goal and state it clearly. Does one need the reader to try to to one thing for you or are you simply passing on information? Does one desire a response from the reader or does one need him to require action? Your purpose must be expressed within the communication. Avoid info that's not relevant. Clarity is vital.
Tone will facilitate your writing be more practical. Bound kinds of communication, like memorandums and proposals would like a proper tone. Writing to somebody you recognize well would want a a lot of informal tone. The type of tone depends on the audience and purpose of the writing.
Make a case for in clear terms what you wish the reader to try to to. They will not oblige if they are doing not perceive. Also, they'll not even need to undertake to assist if the communication is obscure and sloppily written. It's smart to incorporate why it's helpful to them to try to to what you raise or to assist you.
Language must be easy. Don't overuse clichés, jargon, and expressions or attempt to impress with huge words. Keep sentences and paragraphs short and compendious.
Less is a lot of once it involves length. Jump over words that don't contribute to the most focus of the communication. This could create the reader work more durable to grasp why you wrote.
Victimization a vigorous voice can strengthen your writing. Sentences that are written within the active can flow higher and are easier to grasp. Long, sophisticated sentences can slow the reader down, even a lot of therefore if they're written within the passive. A vigorous example is “I caught the ball.” and a passive example is “The ball was caught by Maine.” Active can have interaction the reader and keep his attention. 

Smart descriptive linguistics and punctuation are vital. It's a decent plan to own somebody else see to it your writing before you send it. If you can't try this, then attempt reading it aloud.

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