What will be the implication if data members of a class are declared as public members?

Functions outside the class will be able to access and alter the values of public data.

What is Pie Chart?

Packages like MS Excel supports developing charts (Pie, bar etc.) with minimum effort. Charts help to quickly understand the relationships between data and analyzing them. Pie Charts are good when we are showing the relative portion of numbers that add up to a total. They are good for a single series of data. They are not good when there are too many small size data. They are useful for a single series of data. Pie charts are not good for quantitative displays. In such cases bar charts are suitable. Bar charts can also be used for comparing two set of proportions.

1. In excel the procedure to create pie chart is as follows:
(a) Highlight the data we want to display (i.e., select the data)
(b) From menu bar click on insert.
(c) From the drop down list click chart.
(d) Click on pie in the chart types list under chart sub type click pie of pie.