What is Static Keyword in C?

If a data item in a class is declared static, only one such item is created for entire class, no matter how many objects there are. A static data item is useful when all objects of the same class must share a common item of information. Static declaration applied to an external variable or function limits the scope of that object to the rest of the source file being compiled. Internal static variables are local to a particular function, but they remain in existence rather than coming and going each time the function is activated. Thus internal static variables provide private, permanent storage within a single function.

What is Auto Keyword in C?

Auto keyword specify that the variable can be used only within the function. All local variables are by default belong to auto category.

What is Short Keyword in C?

Short keyword is used to declare a variable is of type short. This type of variables occupy two bytes of memory giving it a range of -32768 to 32767.

MS-DOS is an example of a virtual memory operating system?

No, DOS does not support virtual memory UNIX support virtual memory.

Application programs are easier to write compared to system programs?

Yes, to write an application program hardware knowledge is not essential. To write system software hardware knowledge is essential.

A management information system is an example of a system program?

No, MIS is an application software. System software helps users use the computer in a friendly manner. They include compiler, assembler, linker, loader, operating system etc.

The secondary memory of a computer is also known as Volatile memory?

No, Volatile memory refers to the memory whose contents are lost upon power off condition. Secondary memories are permanent storage devices and does not lose data when power is off.

A variable defined within a function is visible to all functions onwards from its point of definition?

No, a variable defined within a function is visible only within the function (local variable). If a variable is to be visible for all functions, it must be defined in the top of the programs.

A variable of type char can be used to store the integer 101?

Yes, In a variable of type char upto 256 can be stored as 1 byte memory space is allocated for char type variable.

Difference Between System Software and an Application Software?

System Software is any computer software that manages and controls computer hardware as well as which makes users use the computer in a friendly manner. They include Compilers, Assemblers, Operating System etc.

Application Software are programs that enable the end user to perform specific, productive tasks. Some examples are Airline reservation software, banking software, word processing software etc.