What is Function Overriding?

Function overriding is a technique used to override the particular inherited function. It uses polymorphism. To override an inherited function identical function is redefined in the particular derived class. Now onwards any mention of the function from derived class will not likely call the function that can be defined in base class but it really will call the function defined in derived class only.


What is Function Overloading?

In function overloading, the same function label can be used for assorted implementations. Compiler choose the correct implementation based on style of arguments or based on amount of arguments or based about return type.

What is Abstraction?

Abstraction is the representation of all of the essential features of an item, its possible states and behaviors. The state and behavior of object in a class are assemble as a single data variety. This data type defines how all objects within a class of objects are to be represented and how they respond.

What is Encapsulation?

Encapsulation is the practice of including in a object everything it requires hidden from other objects from the system. The internal state of an object is not specifically accessible from outside and are not altered by external changes on the application.

How is Assembly Language different from Machine Language ?

Assembly Language use symbols rather than binary codes. It need excellent knowledge of hardware to produce assembly language programs. Machine words use binary codes for representing operations, registers, memory location etc. It is very difficult to post machine language program. Very good expertise in hardware is essential to produce machine language program.

How is an interpreter different from a compiler?

Interpreter translates statement by statement into equipment code and execute immediately. Not any object code is saved. Compiler first translates the source code to object code. This particular object code is executed independently. Every time we want to executed program, interpreter translates the program and hence it is slow-moving. Once object code is available after compilation there' no requirement to translate program hence compilers are fast.