Large and heavy castings are made by ?

 a) green sand moulding.

(b) dry sand moulding.

(c) pressure moulding

(d) machine moulding

What is an isomorphous system ? Give an example.

The term isomorphic system is said to part diagram. Isomorphicity means that having same crystal structure or complete solubility for all compositions. The copper nickel system is AN example of isomorphic system.

What is peritectic reaction ?

A reaction wherever in, upon cooling a solid and a liquid part rework isothermally and reversibly to a solid part having completely different composition is named a peritectic reaction.

Define Burger's Vector.

Burger vector is defined as plastic displacement produced by the dislocation. It describes both magnitude and direction of slip.

State the Griffith criterion for crack propagation in brittle solid.

Brittle fracture is that the failure of a fabric while not apparent plastic deformation. If the broken items when a brittle fracture area unit fitted along, lies the initial form and dimensions of specimen area unit repaired.

Griffith has postulated a criterion for the propagation of pre-existing crack in brittle material (glass). filmmaker postulated that brittle fracture occurred once the energy unleash rate throughout crack growth exceeded the speed that energy was needed.