What factors contribute to ecological imbalance?

Causes of Eco-Imbalance: The reasons which cause ecological imbalance are given below: If beyond 30% of forest land area is resorted to tree-felling than eco-balance is disturbed. About 95% of the land in the arid and semi-arid regions of the world area in the process of desertification. Desertification means changing land into desert area.

1. Deforestation and Desertification.
2. Aerobic process accumulation enhancing need of BOD, COD and DO emanating from sewage and other wastes.
3. Industrial effluents and Agricultural discharges.
4. Automobiles, more than 40 lakhs surface transport moves on the roads of Delhi only.
5. Industrial chimney Thermal Power Stations, emission of flyash and dust from stone crushers.
6. Population and Gulf-war.

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