Differentiate between Compilers, assembler and translator. Explain their working and the situations where each is useful.

COMPILERS: They are software that translates program written in high level language to machine language. Compilers are complex programs.

ASSEMBLERS: They are software that translates programs written in assembly language to machine language.

TRANSLATOR: Translators are software than can convert programs written in one language to another language. Compilers, interpreters, assemblers etc. are example of translators.

Compilers use many phases for conversion. They are:-

LEXICAL ANALYSIS: Checking for invalid symbols in program.

SYNTAX ANALYSIS: Checking validity of syntax used.

CODE GENERATION: Convert each statement to equivalent machine code.

CODE OPTIMISATION: Generated code is analyzed for redundancy and optimal code is generated.

Assemblers usually uses two or three phases (passes) for converting assembly language program to machine language program. In the first pass, macro calls are expanded. In the second pass forward references are resolved and in the third pass actual machine code generation is done.

Once software is developed using high level languages, compilers are essential for translation. Similarly, assemblers are required for translation in places where programs are developed in assembly language.


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