What is Planning? How it can be made more effective?

Role of Planning in Development

Planning is a method of making better decisions for the future. It is an important component of development activities. The idea of planning was inherited from Russia. This country make long term development plans varying from 15 to 20 years. To plan is to act according to decision. All works with planning if well defined, goals and objectives are achieved whether it is an individual firm, professional body, governments, corporate sector or any other unit involved in economic growth, inter-sectional coordination, social welfare and social relations. In INDIA, the idea of planning has been identified more with extensive government control over the economy (country). Since 1951 successive 5 year plans have been prepared by the Planning Commission. These are development plans. So far we have completed nine five year plans, and are about to complete 10th FYP. Each plan lays down broad targets, energy and transport, industry, health and family welfare, science and technology etc. Ours is a mixed economy in which a plan acts as a mean of coordinating actions within the public sector and between the public and the private sectors. Even plan requires approval of the National Development Council which includes Chief Ministers of all the States. Planning in our country is highly centralized. Socioeconomic reformers suggest that we should choose between planning from above and planning from below.

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