What are the key features of a LAN ?

Key features of LAN are:-

1. Networking limited to a small geographical area (less than 1km radius)

2. High speed data transfer.

3. Data error rate is very less since data is transferred to limited distance.

4. Managing local area networks is easy as only a single technology and symmetrical topology is used.

5. Only limited number of computers connected in a LAN network.

6. Types of data supported is tailored to the application.

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  2. LAN Overview

    Local Area Network (LAN) Overview

    A LAN is a group of computers, printers and other interconnected devices.

    Characteristics of a LAN include:

    Limited geographic operation
    High speed data transfer rates
    Full time connectivity to local services
    Generally lower in cost than a WAN
    Cabling is primary transmission medium

    Major LAN Issues

    Two major issues when designing and implementing a LAN include:

    1. Distance
    2. Cost

    Local Area Networks are limited by distance. The main reason is due to the transmission media. At the most, most cabling can carry a data signal roughly a mile before the signal attenuates completely. In order to keep the signal at a quality transmission level, it must be boosted by repeaters along the way.

    Imagine trying to connect your network from one coast of the United States to another. After installing transmission cable across the country, devices to boost the data signal would need to be set up at specific intervals (depending on the cable used, up to every mile) to ensure proper signal strength and quality. Do you see the distance and cost issue already at hand?

    At some point, cost is a major consideration in the design of a LAN and how large it can grow.