Explain the meaning of 'Work'. 'Work' is a central focus in 'Society'. Comment.

Any positive activity directed towards productivity and output is called work. We always worship work and say work is worshiped and not worship is work. It is centrally focused in the society is a correct statement. Without work nothing can be achieved. Work at home is attended mostly by womenfolk and work at site and offices are handled by man. Work leads to development of any society and without work society shall fail. If all the people living in the society attend to the work assigned then everybody shall be happy and wealthy. By doing work we are able to make money and with the help of money we buy all the necessary and luxury items required for sustaining the life. By doing work regularly in any profession or job we satisfy ourselves and justify our living on the planet earth. Man without work is devil. All devils engage in evils. Evil retard growth. Hence work is essential.

Discuss the criteria for the assessment of appropriate technology.

Differentiate Between Culture and Civilization.

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