Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVS)

AGVS is a material handling system that uses independently operated, self propelled vehicles, guided along defined path ways. The vehicles are powered by on board batteries that allow many hours of operation (8-16 hrs is typical) between recharging.

The distinguishing feature of a AGVS compared to rail guided vehicle system and most conveyor system, is that the path way are UN-obtrusive. AGVS is appropriate where different material are moved from various load points to various unload points. It is used in batch production and mixed model production system.

Types of AGVS
1. Driven less train
2. Pallet trucks
3. Unit load carriers

AGVS system are used in
1. Assembly line application
2. Storage and distribution
3. Flexible manufacturing system
4. Office mail delivery
5. Hospital material management

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